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Little Rhody Dairy Goat Club

ADGA Nigerian Dwarf    Sanctioned Show     
LRDGC President: Ondrea Paolino
140 A East Killingly rd. Foster RI, 02825
1(401) 789-0419

LRDGC: Chairperson: Anne Petersen
57 County st. Rehoboth MA, 02769
1(508) 252-5247

ADGA Judge: David Funk

Following are the current show rules and information. PLease save for your records.
There are NO exceptions.

ADGA rules shall govern. An original ADGA certificate is required for all animals to be shown in sanction classes. All tattoos will be verified and recorded. All animals must be measured at or below the maximun height limilts (22.4" does and 23.6" bucks). An official measuring stick as they enter the show ring for classes.

Regulations require that all animals be checked in and health inspected and then checked in for the show.

Health regulations:
All animals exhibited at public events will be checked before they are allowed to the show facility. All animals must be free of diseases There are NO exceptions:
Foot Rot, Mange, Pink eye, Ringworm, Warts, Cowpox, Sore Mouth, Scrapie (and exposure).

All animals must be indentified by tattoo, microchip and are clinically free of any contagious disease.  It is important that all animals are accompanied by registration papers,which must match the tattoo of the individual animal. These certificates must be available on request. It is recommended that all goats be currently vaccinted against Rabies.

Entry Fee of $6.00 must be postmarked by 2 weeks before the show date. Entries postmarked later will be considered "Write - in's" and charged double. All ANIMALS ENTERED MUST HAVE ALREADY BEEN ADGA REGISTERED AND THEIR REGISTRATION NUMBER MUST BE INCLUDED ON THEIR ENTRY FORM ...NO refunds given. the dase date for computing the goats age is the show date. Use the attached form to to enter the show. Print and mail to Spring Hill Farm
140A east Killingly rd Foster RI, 02825

Please keep a copy for your records.

People must provide their OWN pens or keep animals in your trailer. There will be a $30.00 charge for checks not honored by exhibitors bank.
Check in at publicized times only. Late arrivals may not be shown.
Unweaned kids (under 6 wks of age), if seperated from their Dams at an all day LRDGC evenbt, must be providedwith a nutritional supplement (bottle). Kids must be 6 wks old to be sold and transferred at any LRDGC event should have the age appropriate immunizations and health care. If you bring goats kids they must be secured in fencing or pens.

Any milking animal showing over distention of the udder is subject to discimination by the judge who may require the animal to be milked out.  LRDGC nor any show facility can not be help responsible for loss or damage from any cause at LRDGC show. Animals and exhibitors enter at their own risk.
Custums: it is suggested (but not required) that exhibitors wear white shirts/blouses and Khaki or white pants in the show ring. It is custumary (but not required) for Nigerian Dwarf Goats to be shown with their coats clipped.
Property and building rules:
Children of any age should be accumpanied by an adult at all times. You are a guest on the property please be
courteous to your hosts and the grounds, no littering. No dogs allowed on the premises. There will be NO SMOKING.
LRDGC reserves the right to combine, change, or eliminate published classes. LRDGC is looking forward to serving the Dairy Goatr community. Please pass along information to other Dairy Goat owners youy may know or sell goats to. We have no way of reaching folks and depend on you to promote this association to facilitate New England Shows.

Cheese Making

Guest speaker:
Cara Kneser